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The flexibility you want, the consistency you need.

Since 2007, organizations have been using MIYO to create customized health information for the specific populations they serve.  MIYO assures high quality by standardizing the look and feel of materials and using evidence-based strategies recommended by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.   MIYO delivers industry-standard, production-ready files for print, web and interactive applications.

Our goal

Effective, targeted health information for all segments of the American public.


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What can I make with MIYO?

Choose from a menu of proven approaches and a large library of audience-tested designs to Make It Your Own.

MIYO is distinctive in its focus on:


Using approaches that have been shown to work and found in The Guide to Community Preventive Services (The Community Guide).


Offering hundreds of images that vary by race, ethnicity, age, gender and location; messages targeted to specific populations, cultural groups and languages.


Assuring that MIYO materials adhere to proven principles of effective communication and to the highest standards of production quality.


Continuing to incorporate promising new, evidence-based strategies.


Systematically evaluating user data to create a “smart system” that recognizes which resources, designs, images and messages are most attractive to specific agencies.

Inside MIYO


Continued innovation, quality control, and ongoing evaluation ensure the success of MIYO. Innovation assures that MIYO incorporates promising new evidence-based strategies. Quality control assures that all products adhere to the highest standards for design, usability, production values and size and diversity of content options. Systematic evaluation of user data helps create a “smart system,” constantly learning which types of resources, designs, images and messages are most attractive to different agencies.


MIYO is a product of the Health Communication Research Laboratory (HCRL) at Washington University in St. Louis. The HCRL has helped advance the science of health communication and led to the development of programs, products, and services now in use in real world, non-research settings.

The HCRL is committed to sharing the programs and products it develops, building community partnerships and developing a diverse public-health workforce.


MIYO thanks the American Cancer Society and the National Colorectal Cancer Roundtable for providing tested messages around colorectal cancer screening in select MIYO products.